Taking Care of your Outboard

Monterey Boat

Outboard motors power more salt-water fishing boats than any kind of motor because of their reliability and ease of service.

To keep that power churning year after year and ensure a long life of your engine, follow these basic maintenance tips:

  • Flush out the engine regularly with fresh water. The engine’s aluminum drive casings and mechanisms are continuously bathed in saltwater which is corrosive over time.
  • Make sure the engine is routinely oiled. A four-stroke engine requires oil and filter changes regularly. A two-stroke engine relies on oil injection so the reservoir needs to be filled regularly and the filter screen cleaned. Your owner’s manual will state when oil change service is required, depending on the type of engine you own.
  • If your outboard has mechanical cables from the helm to the powerhead, the cables can wear out over time and cause bulky shifting. Be sure to inspect and lubricate them as recommended in your owner’s manual.
  • Check the fluid level of hydraulic-steering systems
  • Check propeller blades for signs of wear

Better yet, leave the maintenance to the experts at Bass River Marina. Our factory-certified technicians and service experts can make sure your outboard is in top shape year after year. As we head into fall and winter, give us a call about winterizing your boat and maintaining that outboard so next season, all you’ll have to do enjoy another season on the water.