Parker Boats: A Family Tradition Continues

Parker boats

Whether you’re looking for family pleasure rides or a craft that’s ready for your fishing adventures, consider Parker Boats.

The Parker family grew up on the waters around Hawkins Island, North Carolina. “We all loved the water and boats and lots of folks were building boats back then,” recalls Linwood Parker, who built the Parker Boats company from the ground up with his wife Trudy.

Linwood, who worked on the water himself, began making commercial vessels in the late 1960s. The Atlantic Ocean can be a challenge to mariners and conditions can change in a heartbeat. From experience, Linwood knew that boats needed to be able to withstand any condition the ocean would unexpectedly toss up.

“Each boat produced exhibited strength, durability, and sea worthiness. Our boats were built with the same philosophy 38 years later when we began to build Fiberglas boats for recreational purposes, but we built for more than what you needed,” says Linwood.

Today, the company is renowned for exceptional center consoles, bay boats and sport cabin boats, manufactured in its facility in Beaufort, N.C. The boats, from 18 to 28 feet long, are durable yet easy to maintain, qualities today’s mariners demand.

Their sports cabin boats are found all over the U.S., from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts. The enclosed cabin allows for 365 days of protection from the sun, rain, heat, and cold. Walkarounds can also handle extreme conditions while creating a comfortable sanctuary for family boating, scenic cruising, or catching the next fish. Center consoles are built for all uses – watersports with the family, inshore fishing, or pelagic fishing. Looking for a dual console? Parker Boats’ dual consoles are ideal for lounging, cruising and relaxing, and can be purchased with countless amenities.

parker boats parker boats

At Bass River Marina, popular models have been the fully-loaded, inexpensive 1801CC Hookup and Go Special and the Sport Cabin Series, a popular choice for fishermen but also used by harbor patrols, police and fire departments on the Cape.

“Being on the water all day and having to put your full faith in your equipment including the boat that takes you there and back speaks volumes of the volumes of the brand and why they are chosen daily to represent these amazing lifesaving teams,” says Bass River Marina Sales Manager Troy Howard.

“They are always looking to the future and bringing new products to market,” adds Howard. “A Parker Boat is not just a hard core fishing boat any more. The new product blends the ability to fish like no other boat, but then you can bring the entire family out for a day of watersports in both comfort and safety.”

Parker Boats blends a classic “Down East” look with high-tech advancements, making it stand out in sea of other brands available. “It’s a perfect fit for our area of New England,” he says.

In addition, Parker Boats have a fantastic warranty and excellent customer service.

“When necessary, we call down to the factory for help, support, questions, etc. and we get to speak to Mr. Parker himself or Robin Parker,” says Howard. “There are not many companies where you can call and speak directly to the person who heads up the company with such passion. We will get quick and exact answers to any questions or concerns we may have.”

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